Friday, September 01, 2006

The Three Point Dunk

Noli Eala seemed to have suddenly developed a weird case of brain fart, and is pushing for a three point dunk.

Now, that, to me, really sounds like a novel, if not revolutionary, idea. The only problem is that it's laughable, idiotic, and downright stupid. Who, in his right mind, would suddenly develop a rule for professional basketball that nobody else in the known universe has ever thought of adopting, and is absolutely unsuited for the Filipino physiology? Come to think of it, should the board members suddenly lose all their mental faculties, and decide to approve this really stupid proposal, imports will no longer need their local teammates. Except, of course, to inbound the ball.

While the NBA is changing its rules to push for more ball movement, and results of FIBA-sanctioned events show that we should emphasize outside shooting and teamwork, Noli Eala is, apparently, suffering from a delusion that all that Filipinos want to see are showboating and individual plays.

Here's an idea, Mr. Eala, why don't you just invent a new game, start a new league, and play with the rules as you see fit. Leave basketball alone.