Thursday, March 29, 2007

Did You Know?

Reading the Revised Internal Rules of the Sandiganbayan can actually kill off parts of your autonomous nervous system.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Four exams, one paper, and one whodafuckknows, and my second year in hell is over. Woohoo! Three more to go!

Pretty soon, I'll be missing all the things that make life in Malcolm, oh-so-fun! Hint: We dont need no thought control; No dark sarcasm in the classroom...

Right now I am praying that I can motivate myself to prepare for the upcoming exams like hell. Who am I kidding? I should be reading Crim Pro now - no check that -I should be reading Crim Pro yesterday. I really, honestly want to do well. Oh God, please give me a 3.

The thing is, I have been doing this for two years now and somehow, it always feels like the first time. Yeah, I wish all things are like that. You enter the room and you almost, always feel, that you could have probably prepared more. Yep, like I could have memorized the fucking textbook. I probably need to learn to relax some more.

Speaking of relaxing, we can breathe easy now because we were allowed to take one of the exams on a separate date. This, after the other blocks mindlessly refused to move the date, after the professor announced that she's willing to have it moved to after the Holy Week. Of course, after we were able to get the professor's permission, and after we wrote a Palanca-worthy letter to her (I'll give you one shot to guess who wrote the magnificent letter), some blocks now want to join us. Well, sure. It's a free country. Lookie here, weren't you fuckers planning on taking it this week? What? You're not "well-equipped?" Then, WHYTHEFUCK did you want to take it this week in the first fucking place?!

Monday, March 19, 2007


Almost halfway there.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Legalized Larceny

Once Confucius was walking on the mountains and he came across a woman weeping by a grave. He asked the woman what her sorrow was, and she replied, "We are a family of hunters. My father was eaten by a tiger. My husband was bitten by a tiger and died. And now my only son!" "Why don't you move down and live in the valley? Why do you continue to live up here?" asked Confucius. And the woman replied, "But sir, there are no tax collectors here!" Confucius added to his disciples, "You see, a bad government is more to be feared than tigers."
- Lin Yutang

I just saw my payslip today. Consequently, I also realized that I made the right decision by enrolling at the State University. At least, (1) I know that my taxes are well spent (read: spent on me), and (2) I know that I am getting my money's worth (I think).

Why is this suddenly so important? Well for one, I want a Macbook. But, I cannot get one right now. I also want a PS3. And an iPod Nano. Nevermind the Civic.

It is the election period, after all. And if we are not vigilant, and we are most definitely not, I am pretty sure that bad people (Joker will make you lagot!) can find plenty of ingenious and creative ways of funneling money from the National Treasury to Garci's best friend's efforts at achieving "Unity," if you get my drift. In the not so distant past, even agriculture secretaries have been known to allocate your and my taxes to things totally and absolutely unrelated to planting rice.

Word is, even the Comelec is short on kerosene nowadays. But, that's another story.

Oh, and Pacquiao has an upcoming bout. So, we also might be paying for the airfares and allowances of some honorable representatives of the people who may be attending some Filipino-American conference somewhere near San Antonio, TX sometime mid-April, without us even knowing about it. And if the Pacman is not thinking too much about dislodging a known opposition member from the House during the bout, we might be blessed yet again, of (1) the sight of Chavit on top of the ring, and (2) of the sound of that voice, which no Filipino, other than the Press Secretary and members of the President's immediate family, will mistake for other than that of the most-hated woman in the history of this country, eerily speaking through the din, "Hello Manny?"

Monday, March 12, 2007

Useless Thoughts

I just miraculously finished all the administrative crap that needed to be done at the office which, incidentally, are all due today. I know that I could have finished them all last week, but I try to put off until tomorrow what I can do today. I just see no point in fulfilling obligations not yet due and demandable.

Last night was the series premiere of Heroes in these islands. It is a very good thing that the semester is just about over, and that our Mondays suddenly cleared up. And thank God for Channels 9 and 23. The so-called Kapuso and Kapamilya networks seem to just keep on churning out garbage, and outdoing each other on coming up with either rehashed story lines or imported dramas, and so far, it's the viewer who's on the losing end.

And what's up with the old man? I don't know if senility is catching up with the arrogant dick, but he really needs to take it easy. He should also stop reliving tales about the good old days. It's the 21st fucking century. We cannot go back to 1941. Unless he can bend time, which I reasonably doubt.

Apparently, the man had the utter misfortune of having professors who are arrogant and aloof. Big deal. Our professors are arrogant, aloof, and assholes. It is also no secret that the old man thinks very lowly of today's generation of students. The thing is nobody cares. I think of some people ahead of me at the ATM line as having the same intellect as that of amoeba, but that wouldn't make them work the ATM faster. Look gramps, nobody is forcing you to talk to me. And contrary to what you think, we do know a thing ar two. We just shut our traps because you are not relevant to us and it's not worth the aggravation.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Back in Time

Last week, I missed seeing the closest thing possible to an Eraserheads reunion. Marcus, Buddy and Raymund got together with Cambio for the book launching of Tikman ang Langit at Powerbooks GB4, which happened to be 10 freaking minutes away by foot from where I am sitting right now. The book supposedly "chronicles the lives of 14 Eraserheads fans as they grew up with the band’s music." Ely was conspicuously absent.

I am not really too excited about the book. It was written by a couple of IT reporters, and not by the members of the greatest Filipino band ever. Besides, I really don't care much about the lives of the Eheads' fans other than mine.

What I sorely missed was the first performance of all three former Eheads in four years. Scratch that. Truth be told, I never saw the Eheads perform live. Ever. That may be the one thing that I wish I could have done. Years ago, I had to forego being in an Eheads concert because of a planned road trip that I couldn't miss. I figured, there would be more concerts to come. Yeah, right. Of course, at that time, nobody - and I mean nobody - ever imagined that they would break up after a few more years because of "height differences."