Monday, December 20, 2010


After the disasters, natural and otherwise, that befell us in 2009, fate has been relatively good to me this year. Five days before Christmas, I find most of my latest material desires satisfied, and a few of my lifelong goals finally met.

1. A UP Diploma - Do not get me wrong. I will forever be a Blue Eagle by heart. But, being the only UPCAT passer from my high school who decided to go somewhere else for college, I must admit that there are times when I wondered what could have been. Well, there is absolutely no need to wonder now. Just for good measure, I did not take some sissy ass certificate course to satisfy my curiosity. I earned a degree from the only college in the entire university which has not produced a single SCL in its almost 100 years of existence.

1a. A law degree - 15 years after finishing college, and after taking (and passing) the LAE the first time. Better late than never.

2. A third consecutive Ateneo basketball championship - Game 1 was scheduled a day before the last Sunday of the Bar Examinations. So, I had to enjoy the Great Tamaraw Massacre from the comfort of a Century Park Hotel room (Not that it helped any with Legal Forms and Ethics the following day). This only made the release of all the angst, anger and pain accumulated over a period of five months much more sweeter the following Thursday.

2a. A picture with Bianca Gonzales - Taken at the bonfire. Now, if only one of the Eagles start dating Angel Locsin sometime next season. Uhm, Emman?

3. A nice place to stay in Metro Manila - We won't get to move in until 2012, but we finally got the ball rolling. We got some help from a couple of generous people, and I still have no idea how, in heaven's name, we will be able to reciprocate their kindness and pay them back.

4. A copy of a men's magazine with Bianca Gonzales on the cover - Do you see a pattern here? I promised myself years ago that if one day, Ms. Gonzales graces the cover of FHM, Maxim, UNO, etc., I will get a copy. So, imagine my surprise when during bar month, I realized that she had already graced the cover of UNO exactly one year before. It took a few Google searches and a couple of emails, before the publisher was finally able to send me the last two copies of the September 2009 issue.

5. Nike Air Max+ 2010 and Nike Zoom Hyperfuse - I don't really collect shoes, but I get them if they are shoes that I really must have. These are shoes that I really must have. I got both pairs in the same black/red colorway.

6. A new phone - Weng has been telling me to get a new phone for the longest time. But, the only phone out in the market then which I find worth replacing my trusty SE K620i is the BlackBerry. You have to understand that I have never paid for a unit since I went postpaid years ago. The cheapest BlackBerry unit required a plan upgrade and a cashout of Php6500. That is, until Smart decided to have a promotion for all of three days where no cashout is involved. Sign me up.

7. PlayStation3 - I do not have a PS3 console yet. So, in the meantime, I have to settle with playing NBA 2K11 and Madden NFL 11 on my rather outdated PS2. I can only take comfort in knowing that I can still get games for my PS2 at Php70 each.

photos courtesy of, DMCI Homes, Nikeblog and Titan22.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Tang Inang Mukha Yan Ang Pangit.

This pathetic excuse for a human being, who actually provides the living argument why abortion should be legalized, put a previously unknown reporter's life in danger simply by being the irresponsible, insignificant moron that he is.

Napakalaki mong tanga.