Friday, September 08, 2006


The Eagles showed no letdown for playing in a no-bearing game, and eliminated the Tamaraws from Final Four contention yesterday, 70-68.

FEU was leading 68-65, when Chris Tiu drilled a three-point basket to tie the game with some 40 seconds left. After FEU's Jeff Chan missed a three, Doug Kramer grabbed the rebound, and passed off to Escalona who calmly brought the ball downcourt. With less than 10 seconds left, JC Intal received the ball from Escalona at quarter court, drove through the middle and made a lay-up with 1.2 seconds left.

FEU had no more timeouts. Game, and season, over.

The Falcons and the Tigers, tied at 6-6, would play a game on Thursday for the no. 3 seed and the right to play the no. 2 seed, UE. The loser will go on to play the Eagles, who were seeded no. 1 as early as last week. (Let's all cheer for the Falcons on Thursday, just so we can have give a little payback to UST.)

A few game notes:

Game analyst Ronnie Magsanoc irritated me no end, for repeatedly insisting that the no. 1 seed would face the no. 3 seed. It's one versus four. ONE versus FOUR. Man, that would be one dumb bracket.

Another hilarious halftime performance by the Blue Babble Band. I say we let them perform during the cheerdance competition. You know, just to show how seriously we take that thing.