Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Not a Gifted Child

Unang Hirit broadcast a footage of a police operation to stop a suspected car thief from getting away early this morning. The clip showed a red Honda Civic that occupied almost half of the street along Makati Avenue before dawn.

Makati police responded to a call that informed them of an attempt to steal the vehicle, but what the operatives saw surprised them because there was no one there.

According to the Inquirer:

On further investigation, police discovered that the handbrake of the car was down, which could have caused the vehicle to slide from where it had been parked, the report said.

The situation became clearer when the car owner, who admitted to having made the call, claimed not to have noticed that the handbrake was down, the report said.

The owner had called police when she saw her vehicle, which had been parked for almost an hour, move out from its slot, the report said.

At the back of my mind, I can't help but think that Bitoy is hiding somewhere just about ready to scream, "Yari ka!"

Monday, November 20, 2006

Tapos Na ang Boksing

For three beautiful and magnificent rounds yesterday, I could almost forgive Manny Pacquiao for even trying to sing.

It was short and it was sweet. The bout was over even before the Pacman's mother, Dionisia, could finish saying her rosary at her home in General Santos City.

Para sa 'yo . . . ang laban na 'tooooo . . .

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Deep Thoughts II

Some mysteries in life will forever escape elucidation. Atlantis. The Bermuda Triangle. Alchemy and the Philosopher's Stone. Nostradamus. The works of Da Vinci. The mathematics of fat, bald lawyers.

I was done with the registration at Malcolm quite early yesterday, and I was able to sign up for the only two-unit elective course that fits into our schedule. (Yes, they still call it an elective.) I am guessing that the 34 folks who preenlisted changed their minds after the class was moved from Wednesday to Friday. They used a renovated room for the registration, which is definitely way better than the really, very cramped area in the OCS.

There are still some people who managed to finish early despite arriving about two hours later than everybody else. They have many friends. Shameless and insensitive maybe, but friends nonetheless. Some things never change. Where is Luli Arroyo when you need her?

The College Secretary chided me for referring to a professor by his first name. For a second, I was really tempted to tell her the big secret (that we all refer to the professor by his first name). But, only for a second.

Speaking of the Arroyos, Dato, who will run for Representative in the first district of Camarines Sur, has updated his Friendster profile. The Ateneo de Naga alum's hometown now reads as "La Vista, Quezon Citeh! Libmanan, Cam Sur!" A few points to ponder. Naga City is in the second district. GMA's lapdog in the House, Luis Villafuerte, is the incumbent Representative of the second district. He's on his first term. The erstwhile congressman of the first district, Rolando Andaya, Jr., was appointed by GMA to a Cabinet post.

I also lived in Naga City. I taught in one of its universities for three years. By choice. I am married to a full-blooded NagueƱa. But, I don't have the temerity to think that I have earned the right to call myself a Bicolano. Different strokes, for different folks.