Monday, September 18, 2006


In what probably is the most horribly-officiated basketball game I have ever seen, Ateneo barely survived Ken Bono, Patrick Cabahug, three dumbass zebras, and three token goons from the Manila City Jail. Despite all the Ts, the dubious foul calls, Adamson's not-so-subtle attempts to physically maim our players, and those two crucial - almost backbreaking - TOs in the last 30 seconds, the Blue Eagles won. To Adamson: welcome to your first Final Four. We hope you enjoyed the experience while it lasted.

(Seats are just suggestions.)

In the second game, the no. 3 seed, UST beat the no. 2 seed, UE. Good job, UST. Now, since you two would be playing another game on Thursday, (1) I don't have to call in sick, and (2) I don't have to miss Consti 2.