Monday, September 25, 2006


One down. One to go.

I don't think it is necessary to discuss the last play of the ballgame yesterday, which most viewers would have already seen repeatedly on TV and on YouTube. Well, except for those of us at the venue, who were too busy deliriously celebrating to pay any attention to the widescreen.

UST's Allan Evangelista learned a painful lesson yesterday when he celebrated - probably a little prematurely - after making the go-ahead shot with one second left in the game clock. In fact, he and the Tigers were too happy that they left Doug Kramer wide open on the next, and last, play of the game.

The zebras, being the morons that they are, almost won the game for UST. For starters, the three blind mice should be made to learn and relearn the definition of a backcourt violation. They are taking the joy out of the game. If they want to play, they could probably play for some schools who have "rookies" who, chances are, went to grade school with them.

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