Wednesday, November 30, 2005

You're in Good Hands

My ass.

Before the clocks struck nine, I have been to four Metrobank ATMs and they were all sorry for being temporarily unable to dispense cash. All this time I thought that that was what ATMs were for. Four separate ATMs in four separate locations within Makati - the financial district of the country - all do not have cash. WTF? It is not as if the bank is unable to foresee this. It is payday, you morons. It happens twice every effing month. Tomorrow, it would already be December. Remember Christmas, you dimwits?

Salaries are deposited to ATM accounts precisely for convenience, you pricks. If your ATMs are going to run out of cash every payday, we might as well go back to lining up before the cashier to collect our paychecks. At least, we won't be disappointed and tired. Until, of course, we see our payslips and see how much our respective congressmen are getting from our salary.

But that's another story.