Monday, December 05, 2005

Eheads Forever

I have copies of all the Eraserheads albums from Ultraelectromagneticpop to Carbon Stereoxide (except Aloha Milkyway). I know that I can still fairly rant Punk Zappa. My copy of Natin99 was signed by the members of the band. My wishlist for the office party exactly ten years ago consisted of one item: a copy of Cutterpillow. I guess you can safely say that I listen to their music.

Now, some marketing genius just came up with this idea of a tribute album to the Eheads. The news - and the album - was out for quite some time now. This finally explains the crowd lining up in front of the UP Theater last Tuesday. Apparently, there was a concert featuring the artists who did the covers. The fact that I learned of it only now, is a testament to how much free time I still have in my hands.

I was hesitant to buy the album at first, because the track list had some characters who have absolutely no business whatsoever singing an Eheads song. For example - and for the love of everything good and holy - Cueshe. WTF?

But there is hope. FrancisM is doing Superproxy - which is rather expected. I am interested to hear Paolo Santos' interpretation of Magasin, and there is that now familiar remake of Maling Akala, as sung by Brownman Revival. And get this, Ang Huling El Bimbo will be sung by no other than Rico J. Puno himself.

Of course, I am not expecting any of these songs to be better than the Eheads' originals. In fact, I am willing to bet that not one of these bands will even come close to the standards that the Eheads set all those years ago. But, I am rather certain that it will be some trip down memory lane.