Monday, February 20, 2006

Unfortunately, The Judges Stole It

We call it lutong macao in the vernacular. I am no Sixer fan, but it was obvious that the judges lowballed Andre Iguodala in last night's Slam Dunk Contest.

Even though it was obvious to the crowd that Philly's swingman delivered the best dunk of the night in the first round, catching an Allen Iverson pass off the back of the glass and gliding under the backboard and rim for a reverse-slam on the other side. And then running off the court and down the tunnel as if to say it was over.

Iguodala was gracious, nevertheless. After all, it was not as if Nate Robinson, the eventual winner, did nothing to bring the house down.

That's when Nate-Rob, showing character and persistence, got himself back in the competition, walking across the court and handing Spud Webb his old Atlanta jersey No. 4. With Webb in his new duds, Robinson caught a bounce pass from the onetime dunk champ and jumped over all 5 feet, 7 inches of him for a spectacular jackknife slam, finishing in a squat that he held for effect.

But Iguodala should have won. And they should not let a contestant try and miss about 200 dunk attempts before the guy finally nails one.