Friday, February 03, 2006

Move People Better, Safer. To Their Maker.

Passengers of a Victory Liner bus on its way to Olongapo City have been victims of robbery for the second time in two months (the third bus was supposedly bound for Pasay City). Just recently, five (5) criminals boarded the bus on three (3) separate places along Olongapo-Gapan road and were able to consummate the crime, presumably after the last goon boarded the bus at Tipo, Bataan.

While this is a statement on the pathetic state of law and order in this country, it is also an illustration of either the utter stupidity, or sheer apathy to the safety of its passengers and employees, of Victory Liner management. I have no idea how many passengers or employees the company is willing to have shot at or stabbed, before they decide to stop taking in passengers outside of its terminals.

While they have token security measures in place in some of their terminals, this does not amount to anything, if the bus takes in passengers immediately after it leaves its terminals, as what happens most of the time. Any idiot who wants to mug its passengers would simply wait for the bus along EDSA and render nugatory all its feeble attempts at security. It's really that simple.

I miss my family, and I want to visit them more often than I have. But, I don't think that I am willing to risk my life doing so, more so knowing that the bus company who makes its money off its passengers doesn't even seem to be bothered at all.