Friday, February 24, 2006

Fear Factor

I just learned that classes have been suspended at all levels today, as militant groups and Marcos-era street parliamentarians are gearing up for various rallies all over Metro Manila to be held today, partly in commemoration of EDSA and partly to spite Gloria. And all this might just be a prelude to the big day tomorrow, which just happens to be the anniversary of the "People Power Revolution" which toppled the Marcos dictatorship 20 years ago.

Since Gloria and her cohorts have decided on a "low-key" commemoration of one of the greatest events in Philippine history, ratiocinating that "the real meaning of Edsa resides in the national memory and in the hearts and minds of every Filipino and not in pomp and ceremony or rhetoric," probably out of fear more than anything else, people have decided to commemorate it with all the proper fanfare that it deserves anyway, with or without the Government's participation. Later today, people will be marching down Ayala Ave from Buendia, to Ninoy's statue at the corner of Ayala and Paseo de Roxas, just outside this building, where they will hold a short program afterwards. Former President Cory Aquino will be in attendance.

We have all heard the Garci tapes. We all know what happened during the last national elections. Now they have the temerity to consider the possibility of declaring a state of emergency? What the fuck? Are you all fucking serious?

Edited to add: Gloria just declared a state of emergency on national television. I have to go hide now.