Thursday, October 27, 2005

There's Hope in Dumbville

Finally, a Lasallite who actually makes sense. From today's PDI:

La Salle alumnus Cerviliano dela Cruz, however, stole the show during the press conference when he surprisingly lambasted the university officials "as the biggest hypocrite La Salle has ever produced."

"How could they fail the government exam and pass the La Salle exam?" asked Dela Cruz, adding that all La Salle alumni have "become the butt of jokes" as a result of the controversy.

Luistro assured the 70-year-old alumnus, who crashed the press conference, that the incident doesn't imply that La Salle has "lowered its standards" and the scandal "won't happen again."

Quebengco reasoned that "different programs have different requirements" and both players "met the requirements of the AB Sports Management course."

Apparently, standards for admission to the Sports Management course are lower than that for high school graduation. Dimwits.