Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Make-Believe Part II

DLRT released its statement on the eligibility of two of its basketball players earlier today. While the press conference mentioned nothing that the general public did not already know, it is surprising that one of the personalities it chose to implicate is the now-infamous batokero Salgado - one who is already banned for life in the first place. They could have saved everybody the time and effort by simply sending a fax.

Then it gets really funny:
"However, it was not until September 30, 2005 that the matter was brought to the attention of the deciding authorities. The delay can be attributed to administrative procedures that had to be followed and the apparent lack of urgency that the matter deserved."
If having two HS dropouts in your institution of "higher learning", not to mention first-hand knowledge of falsification of public documents, do not merit urgent action, I don't know what will.