Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Course Work

The regular visitors of this site (yes, all two of you) must have noticed that not much is happening 'round this neck of the woods. On the contrary, I have been too busy screwing my employer that I barely found the time to screw it some more (Yep, that's where I'm composing this masterpiece right now).

We had quite a load to read last week, which was precisely why I was virtually on leave from work. But, of course, if you would only diligently check the records, you will find out that my ass was at the office for 40 hours.

Of course, not a single one of the good professors who assigned the comatose-inducing readings was able to cover all their assignments (one of them did not even see us the whole week), but trust me, you really do not want to risk being caught unprepared - unless, of course, you feel lucky. That, and you really want to make some professor's day.

All this couldn't possibly make me long for the looming Christmas break any more than I do right now. I really need a freaking break. At least, last year we had interesting stuff to read, like drawbridges being bombarded, politicians screaming "vulva of your mother!", half -naked dancers interpreting the life of a woman whose guerilla husband was killed during the war, and naked would-be rape victims running in front of the town hall. Now, all we have are debtors screwing creditors, and creditors screwing debtors. Well, that, and irresponsible drivers who hit people on bicycles, fences, stores, and other people trying to fix a parked car on the side of the road.