Friday, December 22, 2006

Breaking Out/Going Home

I discovered Prison Break last week. As of last night, I only have about 7 more episodes to go before the protagonists, I presume, finally break out of Fox River Penitentiary. It really has to end soon. Otherwise, I will not be able to get around reading my 30-page backlog in Crimpro. (Forget about advance reading - I am way behind.)

While I get the idea that some of my friends watch the series because of Wentworth Miller (yes, they're girls), the series is rather good in its own right. (Seeing Sarah Wayne Callies regularly doesn't hurt either.) It has a great storyline (I know it looks like a Shawshank rip-off, but I love the Shawshank Redemption) plus the series has several scenes shot in Chicago - which, for me, is always good. Most of the scenes shot downtown are places I'm familiar with: Lower Wacker, Navy Pier, Wrigley Field, the Chicago River - which, by the way, is still as green as ever. Sweet home, Chicago.

* * *

Speaking of home, I will be off to Gapo over the weekend to spend the holidays with my folks. So, Happy Holidays to you and your family. Cheers.