Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Idiot Box, Really

GMA-7's early evening news program had Jolina's new hairstyle as one of its headlines early this week. You read it right: Jolina's new hairstyle. If only to emphasize how fucking serious the issue was, the anchors actually mentioned it not a few times during course of the news program. Well, actually, they mentioned it so many times, you can't help but think that Jolina has probably gone nuts and decided to sport a mohawk dyed orange. In what is probably one of my life's greatest disappointments, it turned out that she just had a haircut. You know, that thing that most every living soul in this planet occassionally does for no significant socio-political or philosophical reason, whatsoever.

In an attempt to drum up interest in its newest import from Korea, the network has, for several weeks, also repeatedly announced on air that Choi something something won the acting awards from the major award-giving bodies in Korea, for her role in their latest soap. Really. But, who the fuck cares?

Frankly, I wouldn't know Choi something something from the other Korean actress sitting next to her. I couldn't care less if she won the Nobel Prize for acting. I have no idea who the fuck she is. And come on, who cares about the Korean acting awards? Frankly, I'm more interested about that crazy bastard up north, who thinks that he can win a war against Dubya and his minions. You have not seen acting until you see those crazy folks tell the world how they would make America pay! Well, either that, or they have been watching too many Koreanovelas, and too few CNN updates.