Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Die, Ken, Die

Being an Eheads junkie, I have always thought that it would almost be impossible to find anybody who doesn't know the Eraserheads, or any their songs, in this country. I would even dare say that most Filipinos know most of the Eheads' songs by heart, and that some songs, like Ligaya, Pare Ko, With a Smile, Kailan, Alapaap, and Magasin, are practically anthems that all Filipinos could sing without breaking a sweat.

That is, until Ken Dingle, a contestant in ABC-5's Philippine Idol, went up on stage a week ago, and promptly mutilated the Eheads' very first hit single before a live and television audience. I was not sure as to what surprised me more - that people in the audience actually cheered and applauded after the most horrible singing performance I have ever witnessed (hey, at least Alyssa Alano knew her lyrics) or that Ely Buendia did not there and then shoot the moron.

I would not be writing this today, if he was booted out last night. But, apparently, Filipinos vote for their Idols the same way they vote for their Congressmen. And no, that is not good. Not good at all. If, for some sick reason, this idiot finds himself in the final two, and somehow wins it all, I suggest that the producers of Philippine Idol slit their throats, for unleashing this horror upon an unsuspecting people.