Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Make-Believe Part III

My wife tells me that the latest incarnation of the Marvin-Jolina tandem on TV is about to end. The story, revolves around four people who for a really, very brief and temporally inconsequential period of their lives, find themselves in the Big Apple. Hence, the title of the show.

The creators of the show have assumed that a majority of its viewers are idiots. That, boys and girls, is the only logical explanation why they allowed several storylines that do not make the slightest sense, and would probably be rejected in a fantaserye.

First, the US Embassy will admit that Dubya is a moron, before it would grant a US visa to an unemployed minor, from the some rural area in the Philippines, who just happened to win barely enough money for a one-way ticket from some noontime show. No, they won't really care that you won it on Laban O Bawi. How he planned to actually live in the US was, conveniently, never explained. If this crap happened in real life, Toni Gonzaga wouldn't have a movie.

Second, contrary to the images shown on the boob tube, Filipinos in New York, or anywhere in the US for that matter, legal or otherwise, actually do open their windows. For some stupid reason, whenever the cast is supposedly indoors in NY, there are no windows. If for some architectural miracle, windows do find their way into the rooms, they are always covered shut. The only explanation I can surmise from this observation is that, should the viewer see through the windows of their sets, the viewer will most probably wonder why NY looks a lot like QC.

Third, they mistook the INS for the PNP. The INS is not that inept. Just ask Atong Ang or Joc-joc Bolante. Jolina may run faster, but the assumption that dear Jolina has a more calculating criminal mind than either Atong or Joc-joc is just too incredible, and is undeserving of any iota of belief.