Tuesday, June 13, 2006


If you were watching TV as much as I have over the summer, you couldn't have possibly missed that feminine wash ad where the girls are so ecstatic it drove one of them to do a little jig, and another to do cartwheels.

Let me say at the onset, that biological circumstances do not permit me to patronize their product. I have, however, normal sisters and female friends, who on occasion, talk about their stuff. I am glad that, to this day, I have never had the grief of watching otherwise normal people, so driven to euphoria by their feminine wash, ending up utterly helpless to resist the seemingly primal urge to do cartwheels.

The whole ad is stupid. The whole freaking cast was absolutely giddy at the thought of using the product, that they all appeared like prepubescent teens on a pajama party talking about their first, likewise prepubescent, boyfriends.

The stupid ad is not, however, totally bereft of any merit or redeeming value. If anything, it could serve as excellent material, for the government's campaign against the use of illegal drugs.

* * *

Props up to PDI for devoting a page of their paper yesterday to an alternative universe front page. The whole page was written in EspaƱol, with the headline saying it all: "Viva el Rey!" The paper's mascot "Torito" is introduced in the page's ear. It also had a picture of what appears to be the Rizal Monument in Luneta, only that the man immortalized in bronze is not Rizal, but somebody who appears to be a Spanish conquistador on his horse. Yesterday, by the way, was Independence Day.