Thursday, June 22, 2006

First Day Low

What was once a group that reached a high of around 45 people has been, sadly, decimated down to, reportedly, 18 souls. Based on what little I can remember from Probability Theory, I believe that this does not bode well for one's chances of not getting called on to humiliate oneself.

But, aside from the almost mathematical certainty that the cocktail party phenomenon will manifest itself six days a week, there is still a more compelling reason for tempering our exuberance, or at least, what is left of it. The rest of the 45 people who have moved on, were, most importantly, friends and colleagues, who shared in a rather unique experience that can, perhaps, be compared to the military's boot camp. They are talented people who took, and passed, what is probably the most exacting qualifying examination of any academic institution in the country. They have moved on, either temporarily or permanently, because they

a. happened to enrol one year too early, missing Aga's class in LegHis in the process.

b. dropped Method, along with a number of people, apparently enough to constitute a critical mass, giving the professor enough incentive to pass all the 10 people who were courageous, crazy, or lucky enough to have stuck with it.

c. did not pay enough attention to Bib lessons, particularly to those concerning citations.

d. was forced not to enlist in Method, after being placed on probation, after being screwed for not having citations.

e. a and b.

f. c and d.

g. all of the above.

h. none of the above.


Repeat after me. "The equal protection of the laws."