Monday, December 19, 2005


The project I am working on is currently being continuously harrassed by the firm's Process Group to comply with the latest CMMi requirements. In English, it means that time, effort, and resources are being redirected towards endless meetings, documentation work, and other narcolepsy-inducing tasks that will supposedly enhance the quality of the work product.

It's a freaking scam. The guy who came up with this crap should be shot. If he's already dead, we should exhume his remains and shoot him again and again.

I am pretty sure that my being subjected to constant reminders to complete the requirements within two months has nothing to do with my choleric attitude towards it. Neither does the rather exciting nature of the task - tracking hours, counting defects, measuring variance, and other oh-so-fun stuff - have anything to do with my disposition. I just somehow developed a liking for it, similar to the attachment developed by Garci towards clean and honest elections. The loath came naturally. It is just something that I find to be utterly inconsistent with the core of my being. I couldn't care less if half the world feels as if it's the greatest innovation ever created by man. It is still crap.