Wednesday, September 07, 2005


While I immensely enjoy watching superheroes in sexy costumes save the day (having Angel Locsin under the costume really helps a lot), it annoys me as much seeing most of the protagonists, while generally depicted as noble and ideal, being hopelessly dumb.

Cases in point: Quick, somebody tell Efren how easily he can dispose of his shape-shifting malevolent wife by simply consulting a lawyer, any lawyer. And no, you can't just get a kid from his home by simply presenting a DNA certificate. It doesn't matter how horribly the kid tries to act.

It is not really difficult to overlook the characters' imbecility given the no small amount of gratification one can get by watching a flying arousal. But, one's tolerance can only accomodate so much. So here's a tip: Darna is still as enjoyable with no sound.