Monday, March 24, 2008


I spent my very first Holy Week in Metro Manila, reacquainting myself with Messrs. Regalado and Armstrong. I had to deal with the former if I wanted to have the slightest chance of finishing the enormous backlog that I created during the course of the last two weeks of the academic year. It's not that I had a choice to begin with. The last 200 pages or so were covered in two sessions. The last two sessions. I dealt with the latter, on the other hand, to keep my sanity. Jessica Zafra once wrote, that we are "a generation without closure" - we did not know what happened to Mr. Armstrong and his three kids, namely, Steve, Big Bert, and Little John. Well, GMA-7 delivered closure to those who still needed it over the weekend, by airing Voltes V's The Secret of the Mechanical Eagle, and The Last Saga. I have already seen both several years ago and several years apart. But, who's complaining?

Weng and I spent Easter Sunday watching the PBA's Graduates vs. Dropouts game on TV. It ended in a way only the PBA could have wanted, 90-all. Following FIBA rules on exhibition games, no overtime was played. The PBA and it's players' educational trust fund went home Php 2 million richer. The fund is meant for players’ post-PBA career studies. (A wiseass remarked that this puts our players at a distinct disadvantage since all of them graduated. On the other hand, the only "graduation" the DLRT boys know is on 6 fouls.)

P.S. LA and Larry have been traded to Alaska for Cortez and Bono. As a true-blue Atenista, and an SMB fan since a long, long time ago, I really wanted LA to follow Olsen's footsteps in SMB (calling it Magnolia doesn't sound right after all these years). I wish them luck.

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