Friday, March 14, 2008

Cleansing Diet

I am practically done with Specpro. Hooray. I found the answer to my assigned question about two minutes after Mia sent us the assignments last week, and I forwarded it to her posthaste. There were 20 other unassigned questions, which I and two - later four - other likewise lazyass blockmates decided to distribute among ourselves. I have already finished drafting the answers to 3 out of the 4 questions assigned to me, and solved the problem regarding the correction of typographical errors in a person's surname, not by referring to any Specpro textbook, but by calling up my sister, who incidentally, works in a Local Civil Registry office.

After getting the blue books last night, I think most of us can also already cross Labor out of the list of problems we have to worry about. You really have to make an effort to screw this one up to have to take it again.

Civpro, however, is another thing altogether.

Anyway, since Playing for Pizza won't be out in paperback until July, I picked up a copy of Conrado de Quiros' Tongues of Fire earlier today for my SCRA-free summer reading pleasure. Actually, the SCRA-free summer season really won't start until after the second week of April (after Civpro, see above), but really, who cares?

Just for good measure, I also got the latest issue of Time, DVD copies of The Land Before Time (yes, I have seen it before), Mona Lisa Smile, and Coach Carter. If The Land Before Time cannot desensitize your legal gobbledygook-filled brain, I don't know what will.

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