Friday, February 29, 2008


I finally found Toyapi near the steps of the Enterprise Center fronting BPI, after chasing whatever group he's with, from Makati Ave. We tried to find the group from Malcolm, and between the two of us, we figured out how difficult it was to find a group of probably less than a hundred people from a mass of bodies all asking for the head of an evil bitch on a plate. A couple of photographers were angrily asking some people to put their banners down so they can get better shots. I seriously considered throwing a hard, blunt object in their direction, but, I couldn't find a hard, blunt object within my reach. Unfortunately, I didn't see their names, or the organizations they're affiliated with, I could have happily published them here.

There are reportedly around 80,000 people at and near the intersection of Ayala Ave. and Paseo de Roxas right now. It was announced that the PNP prohibited ABC 5's news chopper from flying over the area. Bishop Oscar Cruz, Sr. Mary John Mananzan and Bro. Eddie Villanueva spoke onstage. Notable people in the crowd include Noel Trinidad, Etta Rosales, Manolo Quezon, Butch Abad, and Dinky Soliman. Schools such as Assumption, La Salle, Ateneo, Adamson and UP are well represented (note to mouthpiece Ignacio Bunye: four of these are not SUCs, hence, these have not always been a “source of discontent”). Cory Aquino and Erap Estrada addressed the crowd for about a minute each. Armida delivered a rather weird spiel, which, as we were told later, was apparently a poem. Some guy named "Peter Parker" wearing a Spiderman costume, rapped to the delight of the Bayan Muna crowd.

As I was leaving the area (by following a woman riding some small contraption, much like how drivers follow ambulances at EDSA during rush hour), I heard that Jun Lozada has arrived. He will not be speaking until 6:30, just in time for the networks to cover it live for their news broadcasts.

Video taken by reporter Relly Carpio from the 10th floor ledge of the Philippine First Building in Makati City.

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