Friday, February 01, 2008

Life After DRP*

A law student from Diliman recently shared with all the readers of the Inquirer, his rather unfortunate experience of getting a 5.0 in Nego - something he apparently shared with 29 other souls. He mentioned that it was his first failing mark ever, and confessed to all who cared to read, what every single soul with a Form 5 in Malcolm knows - resistance is futile. In his words, "he is still the professor and [...] that is the same as god."

Recently, an entire block was held hostage to the resentful and vindictive musings and posturings of a closet drama queen. The hairless wonder was apparently upset (I am being generous here) at the evaluation that that block gave him three semesters ago (which proves that not only don't elephants forget, they don't forgive either). From what the block saw and heard during the make-up classes (he was out for a month on official business), between the 5s that he generously distributed like pancakes to the class, one cannot help but surmise that somebody probably made a lewd comment about his momma in one of those evaluation forms.

He also made insinuations that members of the block provided the fodder to some other professor's weblog. Nevermind the fact that the block has never had the blogger for a professor, in any subject, before. He was sure the blogger was referring to him. He was sure that the information came from this ungrateful pack of recit cards oh-so-screaming for more 5s.

So, after one 15-minute class session, two make-up classes cum ranting and raving sessions, and 11 5s on most recit cards, all the members of the block - with the exception of five or so people - decided to drop the good professor. While a DRP doesn't look as bad as a 5.0 in the transcript, I can only hope that these people, suffer the same fate that the Inquirer contributor referred to above did - get a 1.75 from Professor Avena.

* with apologies to Jobert Navallo

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