Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Criminal Minds

On the one weekend of the year during which traffic at the academic oval goes one-way, and all high school seniors flock to Diliman, I was at Pasay City watching the refs call fouls on flies landing on Jervy Cruz' ass. It was a weird afternoon, one where a post-menopausal biatch from Espana tried to enforce her concept of discipline on us - and failed. But, it's really hard to be down so much even after the loss, since I'd still rather be on the stands watching hoops than in class praying to the gods not to be called. Besides, you have to give it to the Pussies, I mean the Tigers, who really played well that day.

After the game, we joined the team for dinner at a place along Roxas Blvd. I guess the mood would have been a lot better if we joined them after that win against DLRT (whose protest, by the way, was denied with finality last Sunday), but it was all good nonetheless. After all, who would have thought that the team would appreciate all the acts of slander and unjust vexation that we commit during ballgames so much, that it would actually invite us to join them for dinner? Maybe crime pays, after all.

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