Monday, July 24, 2006

Study Now, Pray Later

This is what happens when you do not read the commentaries for the entire first half of the term; when all you did, every week, was cram all the 15 or so assigned cases into your head a good 15 hours before class. (That would be a neat ratio of one case per hour, if you discount the fact that you still have to sleep, eat something and take a shower before going to class) You will try to absorb as much crap as De Leon could toss at you, in the shortest amount of time humanly possible.

So, many thanks to Glenda, or to Gloria, for suspending Property today, and to whatever organization which is the causa of us having no Consti 2 on Tuesday. I will have some more spare time within which I can allow De Leon to eliminate as much of my functioning brain cells as possible.

But, I still have two weeks, right? Yes. It would have been perfect if all classes are suspended until August 4, and if there are no make-up classes to screw your schedule up until then. But, of course classes, as life, go on and according to Scaebolah, "as far as your professors are concerned, you are the lowest possible life form." So there. My boss, on the other hand, is already giving me the look after I told him that I really, really need to be absent from work on August 3 and 4. Well, I can get sick, you know?

* * *

The R.A. Gapuz Review Center placed an ad in the Inquirer last Saturday, proudly proclaiming that they placed the most number of reviewees in the top ten of the nursing board examinations.

I am not sure if that is a sick joke, considering that it has already admitted that it gave its students a document containing exam topics the day before the June 11 and 12 nursing board examinations, which turned out to be, allegedly, handwritten samples of the tests.

According to the Inquirer, Ray Gapuz, founder of the review center, said he did not know if the 18-page manuscript was a “leak” and if it actually contained the exact questions in the licensing exams. But when asked if the topics in the document had appeared in the June 11 and 12 exam, Gapuz replied: “Allegedly, sabi nila (That’s what they say).”

I don't know about you. But, if my review center manages to get a copy of the actual exam questions before the actual exams, placing the most number of reviewees in the top ten is probably the least that it can do. Like, hallouer!!!