Friday, July 07, 2006

Nice Try

Shortly after it was found out that a PEP test review center has actually been fielding high school dropouts and high school equivalency test flunkers in basketball games for two years running, and after the "negligent" school was subsequently suspended from league play for one year, mudslinging suddenly moved up a notch, and some people just started to come up with rumors, blind items and libelous accusations, clearly indicating but one thing: desperate idiots are scary.

A few weeks ago, the same rumors were published in two national broadsheets. Everybody, of course, had an idea as to who was behind the demolition job, but unlike idiots, we prefer to have something to back our statements up. Being the ingenious Ateneans that we are, somebody (it was only a matter of time) was able to obtain a copy of the facsimile that was sent to the press. And being the idiots that they are, they, of course, conveniently used their own fax machine, which ID function was likewise conveniently enabled.

The header said "02.523.4295 DLS PSI GSB." Feel free to "Google it!"

* * *

The 69th season of the UAAP, incidentally, will open tomorrow at the Araneta Coliseum. Ateneo will play the NU Bulldogs at 4PM. The Taft PEP Test Review Center will play with itself.