Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Of Myths and Sisyphus

I noticed that I haven't come up with any interesting post for quite some time now. For convenience, I'll just blame it on the mind-numbing effects of reading volumes of the SCRA. I had, in fact, picked up a book as early as last March that I vowed to read over the break - which I did - if only to break the monotony of reading nothing but seedy stuff about petitioners and appellants, and a bunch wherefores for the past year. The book, by the way, is some guy's autobiographical account of his first year at Harvard Law.

Lately, I have been spending my lucid moments trying to explain to an American counterpart what we poor, backward Asians need, to start working on his project. Despite my sheer brilliance and eloquence, I cannot help but feel for Sisyphus everytime I talk to the guy. Somehow, he was able to make "going around in circles" an art form. And he has mastered it.

And what's all the fuss about the Da Vinci Code anyway? Everybody who's got a stick up his ass is ranting and raving and asking the MTRCB to ban the film from the country. News flash, ladies and gentlemen, it's a work of fiction. It's a documentary in the same sense that How to Make an American Quilt is an instructional video. Come on! People watch GMA's and ABS-CBN's attempts at entertainment on TV everyday. You don't see people booking flights to Saladin, do you?

Speaking of Saladin, this TV formula of characters who get separated, and who futilely try to find one another their whole lives, where after a generation, by some stroke of luck, they end up within two feet of each other, but somehow, for some stupid and utterly unbelievable reason, the idiots still don't see each other, is getting really annoying. Yes, I know that men with magical powers don't really live in some magical land, but that's just the point. There is a limit to how long I can suspend disbelief. I'm willing to believe that a half-naked Katrina Halili has magical powers, but there is no way that I would buy that daughter-leaves-while-mother-looks-away bullshit. It's old. And it's crap.