Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Korean Bug

Weng has developed an addiction to Korean movies and miniseries (as have most Filipinos, I guess) after catching Lovers in Paris not so long ago. Her latest object of affection, is the TV miniseries Jewel in the Palace, supposedly a historical drama regarding a bunch of women from the Korean royal family's kitchen crew, whose entire lives are dedicated to, what else, the preparation of kimchi for the Korean royal family. That, and memorizing a bunch of stuff that would make Martha Stewart and any law student proud. Who could have imagined that cutthroat politics in Korea's kitchens, would be so damn interesting to millions of people, centuries down the line? It's amazing, I tell you.

My wife - your run-of-the-mill UPLB graduate and CPA - also spent her weekend watching a marathon of about six or seven Korean movies at home. (Which reminds me, I have to thank all those enterprising Filipinos in Quiapo for providing us with affordable - and region-free - media. Who said the Filipino is on the other side of the digital divide?) On Sunday, just before midnight, I was futilely trying not to divide my attention between People v. Cabrera, 43 Phil 64 and My Wife is a Gangster 2. On this note, I believe I can be excused. There is, after all, much gratuitous violence in that film - which, in my opinion, makes any film watchable more than anything else (see Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill 1 and 2, or anything with the name Tarantino on it).