Monday, January 23, 2006

Ernie Baron, 65

As reported by the PDI:

POPULAR radio and television broadcaster Ernie Baron died Monday morning from a heart attack, GMA Network radio station dzBB reported. He was 65.

The report said Baron was declared dead on arrival at the Muntinlupa Medical Center where he was brought by family members.

Doctors at the hospital were quoted as saying that Baron's heart attack was caused by complications from his diabetes.

Indulge me for being sappy, for the man had made a rather indelible mark in our lives. Of course, this was before I realized that watching his shows is one of the greatest forms of entertainment ever - it was in fact so entertaining it was almost perverse. Well, it was the greatest, until Eli Soriano and the INC decided to put up a sorry war on national television and give perverse a whole new meaning altogether.

In what would eventually turn out as one of the more significant blunders of our high school lives, we initially proposed a research on Baron's brainchild - the ernyform - a pyramid contraption that supposedly harnesses the universe's "bio-cosmic energy." Our feeble high school minds had, at least, the sense to look it up in all the reference books we can get our hands on. The fact that we were not able to find any entry on such should have already given us half-wits a clue. Alas, we are but human.

Needless to say, we eventually submitted another proposal, which in my opinion, turned out to be the lamest science research project ever written by man. How we were able to get past that stage of our lives, and eventually finish college is still a mystery to me.

Requiescat In Pace, Ka Ernie.