Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How "Sweep" It Is

I'm back.

The win last Thursday was the sweetest win against DLRT that I have ever seen live, and I am saying this not only because it was the first and only Ateneo championship that I have been blessed enough to see with my own eyes. That win made it a clean season sweep for the Eagles - regular season and the finals. That, boys and girls, should effectively expunge all that shit about "2>3." Not only is "4>0" better, it is also mathematically correct. Leave it to the PEPsters to screw not only everything we learned about spelling, but arithmetic, as well. That win marked the first time, either team won four times against the other. It won for the Eagles its fourth UAAP seniors basketball title, the third at the expense of - you guessed it - DLRT. When it matters? It couldn't matter more than in the UAAP finals, you dorks, where we have already beaten your sorry asses three out of four times (four out of six, if you include the NC years). Now, I can forget all the bad things that happened during the 2006 season and get rid of those Jojo Duncil nightmares for good.

The Game 2 win was made doubly sweeter by the fact that I did not have to look for a TV set to get updates on Game 3 last Sunday, which incidentally, was the day my sister finally got married. I don't think she would have forgiven me if I started cheering lustily during the offertory.

With the season over, I can now get back to less serious stuff - like Evidence and Tax. And, of course, there's work. I still have to pay the bills.

But, before all that, I have to go to the bonfire tonight.

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