Monday, June 30, 2008

There Really was a Real Power Plant Here Before

It took all of two weeks for me to figure out a routine for all the Saturdays, for the next five months - go home, pick my wife up, and kill time at the Power Plant Mall. Whereas before, when I usually spent the late afternoon and early evening after Malcolm sleeping soundly, only to wake up hours later to watch TV and play NBA Live; so far this semester, we were able to catch two films in the last three weeks (Kung Fu Panda and Incredible Hulk) - that's already two more movies than last semester, when we mostly watched movies at home, courtesy of our enterprising brothers from the South (no, I do not mean Alabang).

I wasn't able to see Get Smart last Saturday, but I was able to ogle see Michelle Madrigal instead. I also saw a Philippine Idol finalist and his Viva Hot Babe girlfriend (who, according to Weng, is expecting), and one of Da King's progeny and her rumored boyfriend - a Senator's son, whose family's propensity to reproduce is quite notorious in these parts. I was not starstruck, mind you - since we started spending most of our free time at the nearest, least-crowded mall near our place, you'd always almost expect to see someone famous (for whatever reason) at the Power Plant. I could make a list here but I won't. But, I have to say that Dolphy is on that list. Come on. You have to acknowledge the man.

But, yeah. Michelle Madrigal was hot that Saturday.

Since Weng didn't want to relax and see a movie, she spent her time over at the mothership - Kamiseta - instead, whose rule of no fitting whenever there is a sale, still does not make any sense to me, up to this very day. I spent time browsing at Fully Booked and Bufini, and came up with a mass-market paperback copy of John Grisham's second football novel (Playing for Pizza will only be the second Grisham book I have ever read, the first being Bleachers), which title, according to, will be released on mass-market paperback format on July 22, 2008; and the June 9 and June 16 issues of Sports Illustrated. I know the Celtics already won, but I am a creature of the 80s. Short of bringing back new wave music, I believe I am, at least, entitled to reminisce.

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