Monday, December 10, 2007

A Long December

We have less than two weeks left before the lantern parade. If you're from Diliman, you would know that that marks the end of classes for this (and every other) calendar year. So on the 19th, between supplications of "Yeah?", interjections of "Fantastic!", and a few smatterings of "You are discombobulating!", we should be able to enjoy the parade from the comfort of our air-conditioned room at the third floor of Malcolm Hall.

From now to the 19th, aside from the usual "Oh God, please not me!" every MWF, I still have to prepare for one guaranteed recit for Thursday, and another guaranteed, but absolutely irrelevant, recit on Saturday. As for the remaining Tuesdays, well, your guess is as good as mine (If I promise to be kind to GMA, I wonder if she can make him(?), uhm, disappear).

I can't wait for the break, the holidays and the scheduled vacation from work. My Christmas shopping (for myself) is flat-out done. I finally have all I want for Christmas. I am oh-so-easy to please.

Just remember, good things come in blue and white.

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