Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Do You Have a Cheer?

"Save the cheerleader, save the world."
- Hiro Nakamura

Girls have been with the Babble since a few years after the UAAP came up with the cheering competition. It was weird for some of us, who came and went, without ever seeing a cute girl wearing a blue and white skirt prance at centercourt during halftime. From what I've heard, tradition did not go down without a fight.

Now, not only do you see girls cheering with the Babble during the halftime show, they also dance. Yes. They dance. You know, that stuff that other schools used to do during halftime because they had no cheering squads. Well, actually, they still do that to this very day, only now, they are wearing cheerleaders' uniforms, and chanting pirated cheers. Come on. We all used to make fun of that stuff.

Back in the day, before 2002, when every other team but the Bulldogs beat us, the Babble made sure that we never lost during halftime. You can go to the games knowing that the Babble will at least make your day at the half. Now, we have Kuya Germs' That's.

Please, for the love of everything good and holy, quit dancing during halftime. Maybe it's time to keep the dancing in the cheerdancing contest (which no Atenean I know has really cared about). If I wanted to see dancing, I'd watch Billy Joe's TV show.

* * *

Notes on the UE game:

There were a couple of plays down the stretch in the game last Sunday, which made me think, "God, we really need a point guard."

We really, really need a point guard. Jai Reyes and Eman Monfort are shooters. They are, in fact, very good outside shooters. But, they are not point guards. The UE game, if anything, showed that our guard corps doesn't know what to do with the ball when the game is on the line.

(By the way, UP point guard, and former Eaglet, Mike Gamboa scored 25 points against NU last Sunday.)

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