Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Four exams, one paper, and one whodafuckknows, and my second year in hell is over. Woohoo! Three more to go!

Pretty soon, I'll be missing all the things that make life in Malcolm, oh-so-fun! Hint: We dont need no thought control; No dark sarcasm in the classroom...

Right now I am praying that I can motivate myself to prepare for the upcoming exams like hell. Who am I kidding? I should be reading Crim Pro now - no check that -I should be reading Crim Pro yesterday. I really, honestly want to do well. Oh God, please give me a 3.

The thing is, I have been doing this for two years now and somehow, it always feels like the first time. Yeah, I wish all things are like that. You enter the room and you almost, always feel, that you could have probably prepared more. Yep, like I could have memorized the fucking textbook. I probably need to learn to relax some more.

Speaking of relaxing, we can breathe easy now because we were allowed to take one of the exams on a separate date. This, after the other blocks mindlessly refused to move the date, after the professor announced that she's willing to have it moved to after the Holy Week. Of course, after we were able to get the professor's permission, and after we wrote a Palanca-worthy letter to her (I'll give you one shot to guess who wrote the magnificent letter), some blocks now want to join us. Well, sure. It's a free country. Lookie here, weren't you fuckers planning on taking it this week? What? You're not "well-equipped?" Then, WHYTHEFUCK did you want to take it this week in the first fucking place?!

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