Monday, January 22, 2007

Unjust Vexation

I don't know if threats really work, but after sending one of the most creative and acerbic letters I have ever written, via email and fax, to Citibank, and telling one of their so-called "Citiphone officers" that if I don't get my card before the end of last week, I will cancel my account, point-blank, guess what, the office receptionist told me the cards were in last Friday.

I was waiting for my second replacement card. The first one, was supposedly sent last October, two months before the expiration date of my old card. I called their attention at the beginning of the month, to the fact that I have not yet received my replacement card. Since it was already more than 60 days since they sent it to their couriers, they had to give me a new card again, this time with a new account number.

I know that patience is a virtue. But patience doesn't work with utterly incompetent courier services who, for some mysterious reason, cannot seem to find one of the most recognizable buildings along the most famous avenue in the country's premier financial district. After three more follow-up phone calls, one email and one faxed message, they finally got around to delivering the card. In my email to Citibank, I suggested that since I always get my monthly bills on time with no delay whatsoever, maybe they should consider the much-maligned folks over at Philpost to deliver the cards for them. Apparently, not only are not only faster, they are more efficient as well. (Yes. I also never thought I would ever say that.)

Well, at least, now I wouldn't have to worry about these direction-challenged courier services. At least, not until the end of three years.

Edited to add:

In fairness to Citibank, it appears that they promptly acted on my, uhm, feedback. Aside from finally getting the cards (the supplementary card was likewise late) last Friday, I also received an email apologizing for the whole snafu. I also received a phone call where I was told that they have forwarded the issue to the proper persons, and as a token of good faith, have likewise prorated my annual membership fee. Honestly, I didn't expect that they'd even bother to confirm receipt. I was pleasantly surprised.

So, next time you're pissed, speak up.