Tuesday, April 25, 2006


What follows is a letter sent by a certain Dennis L. Reyes from Torrance, CA to the PDI. It is, by far, the best letter to the editor that I have ever read. I am publishing it here in toto.

I DON’T understand why people are afraid of Charter change. It offers the best opportunity for us to install the best and the brightest Filipino as our eternal leader.

In fact, instead of shifting to a parliamentary form of government, why don’t we just become a monarchy, with Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as the queen -- or the empress, if you will. This will fulfill the dreams of Apo Marcos about a Philippine Maharlika. This will also bring us back to the glorious years of kings and queens, of France’s Marie Antoniette, of Russia’s czars and czarinas during the Romanov dynasty.

Then we can grant the poor royal titles so that their lives will be uplifted. We can call them knights or dukes or duchesses and their shanties will be referred to as castles or manors. This way Charter change can solve the poverty of our people.

Another reason for us to support Charter change is that it has the support of Ms Arroyo, who talks to the “Lord” as she talked to Pope John Paul before he died. Ms Arroyo is the Philippines’ Joan of Arc. By giving us Ms Arroyo and her knights of traditional politicians, the Lord shows that he loves Filipinos. Ms Arroyo is the will of the Lord. Nobody should contest the will of the Lord.

So everyone should support Charter change. It’s our only salvation from all our problems. It’s the bullet that a man with brain cancer needs in his head.

Ms Arroyo said so. Has she lied to us before?